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1. Unemployment Makeover: Discovering Your New You
Are you ready for a makeover? If you're unemployed, a makeover might not be on your radar, but it just might be the perfect time to discover your new version of you!

2. Resume Writing Essentials
Tired of sweating over your resume only to have little or no response from prospective employers? It's time to brush up your resume writing skills with these essential tips.

3. Lost Your Job? Now What?
If you unexpectedly lose your job, you may feel stunned, worried, angry, embarrassed, scared, and any number of other emotions. Most of all, you may be asking yourself, “Now what?” Find strategies to cope.

4. How the Economy Impacts Jobs
There's no doubt that economic conditions and job growth are linked. But how does the economy impact the availability of new jobs? More importantly, how can you be a successful job seeker in a weak economy?

5. Answering Tricky Interview Questions
Do you struggle with answering tricky job interview questions? There is no doubt about it, most of us dread tricky questions during job interviews. Learn tricks and tips to cope with any curve the interviewer may throw your way.

6. Explaining Employment Gaps
Does your resume contain gaps and lapses in employment? If so, now is the time to prepare a positive explanation for those employment gaps. Learn ways to turn potential negatives into positives to impress your interviewer.

7. Job Loss Challenges after 50
Baby boomers losing jobs after age 50 face unique challenges. They are more likely to encounter significant financial losses with less opportunity to recover. Older workers are more at-risk for layoffs than younger workers, and finding a new job is significantly more difficult. Learn why.

8. Choosing an Online Education
Online education is increasing in popularity, but is it right for you? Learn what you need to know to choose a legitimate program and avoid scams.

9. SMART Goal Setting
SMART goal setting is a great method to ensure you set practical goals for yourself. Using this goal setting strategy can help you stay motivated through the challenges of job searching and allow you to make decisions that bring you closer to the kind of career and life that you want for yourself.

10. I'm Fired? Give me my last Paycheck!
If you've been fired, have you ever wondered how long you had to wait for your last paycheck? Many states have a statue on how long the employer has before they get you that last check. Here is a listing...

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